Gonja Cabinets Picture Gallery

Below are pictures of some of the custom built guitar and bass cabs we've built. Not your run of the mill cabs, but custom designed to meet the needs of our customers! 

1x15 Bass Cab for Todd Foster of The Mosaic

Phil Stanwik of Sumo's 2x12/1x15 guitar cab

Eddie Perkins of Singod's 4x10 bass cab

Boodle of Singod's 2x12 stack

4x12 camo guitar cab for Steve Swanson of Six Feet Under

Marc Cody of Feral Babies 4x10/1x15 bass cab

Chris Denny of Devout's 6x12 guitar cab

Custom hand built to order, these 2x12 cabs are constructed with the same 15mm 11 ply Baltic birch void free plywood as the major manufacturers use. Extreme care, and pride is taken in building each cabinet. Glued, braced, and built to last a lifetime. Although we have only pictured 2x12 cabs, we can custom build 4x12, and 6x12 cabs with the same quality and craftsmanship as our 2x12 cabs.

The cabs pictured above, are fitted with WGS retro 30's and Eminence man-o-war's. Either of these stacks produce (on average), 3-4 db more than a Marshall 1960A 4x12 loaded with celestion G12T-75's. Choose your color of tolex covering and grille cloth for a custom designed cab you can call your own. Special web pricing at $375 each as described.